Miguel and Anna arrived in the United States last year from Peru. Through the help of Catholic Charities
Regional Agency Hispanic Outreach Program, the family is well established and thriving. Wanda Gallego-
Roche, MSW, has worked with the family in many ways. Despite language barriers, Miguel is employed,
the family has a place to live and they get around on public transportation thanks to Wanda’s guidance.
The kids have doctors for their health needs, counselors for their emotional needs, and are enrolled in
school. Catholic Charities Regional Agency has helped the family with their rent when they fell a little
behind. But for the most part, they can take care of their own needs now. The kids are learning English
in school. The family participated in the Christmas gift program last year. The Agency made sure they
had a Christmas tree and some cultural orientation on American Christmas customs.
Thanks to the Hispanic Outreach Program, Miguel and his Family are becoming part of their new
community. The Hispanic Outreach Program provides help to immigrants to our area. By providing
help, the program also provides hope for these new members of our community.
If you know of a family that could use our help call and talk to Wanda at Catholic Charities Regional Agency
Rayen Ave office at 330-744-3320.
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