Making a Recurring Gift is a wonderful way to make an impact. By making a recurring gift, you are supporting the mission and vision of Catholic Charities directly.

To make a gift, visit our online Recurring Gifts Form  or call us at (330) 744-8451, and our staff will assist you. Your recurring gift can be set to any amount that you choose either weekly, bi-weekly, every four weeks, monthly, quarterly, or annually. This allows you to budget your giving rather than making a single major gift all at once. Smaller, frequent gifts make a bigger impact over time, and the process to do that is very easy!

By joining our recurring gift program, you offer long-term, sustainable support and services to those in need in your very own community.  This option also allows you to be more flexible with your own personal budget. This option can be changed at any time by calling our offices, 330-744-8451.

Below are some graphics to demonstrate how a Recurring Gift, no matter the amount, can add up over the course of a year.




$5 per week equals $260 per year    $6 per month equals $72 per year   $25 per quarter equals $100 per year


Thank you for being a friend and partner with Catholic Charities.

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