Catholic Charities staff who work with veterans know that their return to the home front is often not a smooth one. Many have experienced trauma, which is then compounded by the perils of everyday life, ranging from debt and difficulty accessing military benefits to mental health crises, substance abuse and homelessness.  

We are there for them.  

Meet Audrey. After serving in the Army, she struggled to find permanent housing and to navigate the VA system. Now, with the help of Catholic Charities, her situation is improving. 

“The staff at Catholic Charities took the time to listen.  They really care,” she says. 

Here in the six counties of the Diocese of Youngstown, we offer a consistent hand-up to those who have served their country. That includes housing, food and other basic needs, as well as linkage and referrals to help them access the community services they need. We know that the road to recovery is not a straight path and that it can look different for everybody.  

At Catholic Charities agencies in the Diocese of Youngstown, we are there for our veterans, and for all members of our community who need compassionate care and assistance to become the people God intends them to be.  

“We are deeply honored to serve those who have served our country. Last year, our Catholic Charities agencies serving the Diocese of Youngstown were privileged to provide essential support and services to 149 veterans and 182 military families in our community. Their sacrifices inspire us every day, and Catholic Charities is committed to ensuring they receive the care, respect, and assistance they deserve. Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to these brave individuals and their families for their unwavering dedication and service”, says Rachel Hrbolich, Diocesan Director, Catholic Charities, Diocese of Youngstown.

Ronald, a U.S. Veteran, recently thanked our staff for being so helpful to his family through our food pantry assistance; “you all need to know what a blessing you are for us…thank you for being so kind.”

We offer many opportunities for others to accompany us in this mission, from donating to volunteering. Our dedicated staff, volunteers, and donors make our work possible.  Because you are there for us, we are there for them.


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