First Step To Service

The First Step to Service Program is a service-learning opportunity for students developed by Catholic Charities, Diocese of Youngstown.

Catholic schools in the Diocese of Youngstown are part of a larger network of organizations and ministries that serve the needs of others as Jesus would.

The First Step to Service Program benefits schools and students alike by strengthening the connection between Catholic Charities and school aged youth; providing opportunities for students to deepen their faith; cultivating service-minded young people.

In the past, the First Step to Service Program has largely been a series of worksheets, student-optional participation, and bulk incentives, making it easy to place the program’s purpose on the backburner or keeping it off the Diocesan schools’ radar altogether. We are hopeful that our new and focused approach to this program will keep every grade level of your students engaged, excited, and feeling like they’ve made a real difference in their schools and communities, at a level of participation that teachers can control.

Over the course of this school year, your students will have the opportunity to participate in three meaningful, service-minded projects that will require thoughtful discussions, creative writing and design, and responsible use of technology and social media. Our goal, alongside our Diocesan schools and parishes, is to help cultivate and sow faith-based, respectful young stewards of OUR COMMON HOME.

Once your school has opted-in to participate in this program, we are asking that your classrooms rally around the activities, optimize students’ youthful creativity, and embrace the challenges presented to them. We have customized the incentive portion of the program to reward the most involved participants (and their teachers) and the most dedicated schools (and their principals)!

Please review the “lesson plan” overviews for more details about each individual activity, the estimated time it will take to complete and how, upon completion, it will be rewarded!

*As a time-saving alternative, teachers will have access to the learning components of this program separate from activity participation. However, full participation is required to be eligible for prizes/rewards.

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Grade School Level

Session 1 – October


Session 2 – January


Session 3 – March/April


High School Level

Session 1 – October


Session 2 – January


Session 3 – March/April


K-8 Overview

9-12 Overview

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