Jane is a young mother of a one-year old daughter. Jane does not have a good
support system and when she lost her full-time job, she fell behind on her rent and
utilities. Caring for her daughter became an impossible task. Jane contacted Catholic Charities and was able to meet with a First Step case worker who provided diapers, food, clothing and support. She also received help with her rent and utilities through other Catholic Charities programs.

Jane continues to meet with her Catholic Charities case worker once every two or three months to receive material assistance and moral support. Through the First Step Program, Jane is able to get food, clothing, and diapers for her daughter. Through her relationship with her case worker, Jane receives encouragement as she deals with the challenges life throws at her.

Jane is now working a part-time job. The hours pay her bills (most of the time) while allowing her time with her daughter. With support from Catholic Charities, Jane is able to think about what the future looks like and is thankful it is looking a little brighter.


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