As we head into the season of thanks and giving; let us celebrate the small joys in our lives, the gift of family and friends; and the beauty of every day miracles.

A 28 year old female, “Patricia,” tells us she was introduced to Catholic Charities by an “angel.” Patricia has a 7 year old autistic son. In addition, she has a medically fragile infant daughter. Her daughter has a shunt in her skull to drain water from her brain. The shunt empties into the infant’s diaper. Patricia yearns for easier times.

Patricia takes her son to a counselor once a week at a local, reputable counseling agency to help alleviate some anxiety caused by the autism. On this particular day, Patricia happened to mention to the counselor that the family was sleeping on the floor in their apartment. The counselor was unsure what was going on but knew Patricia and her children needed some help. That is when the counselor contacted Catholic Charities. An appointment was scheduled the very next day.

The case worker from Catholic Charities went to Patricia’s home and was deeply saddened by what she saw. The only item in the small apartment was a couch. There were not any beds, shelving, tables, chairs or anything else the family needed for daily living. The case worker contacted several local agencies to get this family as much help as she could.

Patricia was given a crib for the infant and a mattress for her son. The family was also provided with an opportunity to shop at a local distribution center to pick out what she thought her family could use. This small gesture meant the world to Patricia. She tagged a sofa, arm chairs, additional mattresses, lamps, bedding, and end tables. The manager insisted that Patricia take pictures to make her house cozy for the children. Patricia was so happy to receive an electric can opener! Sometimes it is the little things that mean the most.

Catholic Charities provided Patricia with baby clothes, diapers, blankets, shoes, food and hygiene items.

The case worker continued to check on Patricia weekly and provide needed supplies for the family. The case worker knew the struggles this family endured over the past year; however, felt that they were going to be okay.

Through a collaborative effort, Catholic Charities made sure Patricia had beds for all of her family members, furnishings throughout her house and other basic necessities to provide Patricia some hope during this time. Patricia was so happy and thankful for all that was done for her. They didn’t have much but they had what they needed in a place they called home.


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