Say hello to Pete!

Pete recently shared with us an interesting encounter.


“As I made my way through my local community in Ashtabula, I often noticed this one woman (Alexis) who always seemed to be out on the street, lost, scared, and searching for something. I believed that she was homeless, and also appeared to be using illegal drugs. I frequently prayed to God that he guide me to find a way to help her.”

A few months later, and now I serve as her guardian through the Catholic Charities of Ashtabula County Guardianship Program. God indeed works in mysterious ways.

Alexis now has a safe place to stay, is completely off of illegal street drugs, receives the proper and necessary medications to address her mental illness, and has reunited with family and friends! She is doing great and really loves being a part of the program and her community!


Thank you Pete, for taking the time to care for a stranger in need; congratulations to Alexis, for being brave enough to accept the help that she needed.


(Client names have been changed to protect the privacy of clients)

If you would like to help someone like Alexis, there are a few ways you can support Catholic Charities, so that we can continue to serve those in need.

  • PRAY for all those in need in our community, our diocese, our country, and the world.
  • VOLUNTEER your time and talents to various projects and events throughout the year.
  • GIVE generously, or as your financial situation allows.  Your contribution will directly benefit families in your local community.
  • READ our Semi-Annual Newsletter to see what’s happening at Catholic Charities.
  • OPEN your emails.  We send various email updates about news & events throughout the year.



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