Susan recently received a disconnection notice on her electric bill and reached out to our Canton office for help. She suffered a heart attack 3 months ago and has been without work and income since. She is recovered enough now to return to work, recently found a new job as a server, and will be starting her new employment soon. Her partner, Bradley, is on a fixed SSDI benefit and works as a seasonal employee, but hasn’t had additional income in recent months because of the winter weather. He will also be starting a new job soon, with Fresh Mark. Catholic Charities was able to assist with the amount the family needed to stop their electric disconnection and gave them some breathing room until they receive income from their new employment.


While we aren’t in this line of work for the gratitude of those we serve, when we do receive it, it means so much to us. Susan left us a voicemail, stating:

“I just wanted to call back and tell you thank you so much!! … What an amazing organization. …the whole weight of the world was on my shoulders over this and thanks to you, it’s not.”


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