Catholic Charities is a member of the Dollar Days Wish List Program.  You can help Catholic Charities meet its mission of serving the needs of low-income people with just a few simple clicks!

Visit to give today!  Our wish list enables you to select from several items most in need for our agencies’ Basic Needs Assistance programs throughout the diocese.

The Dollar Days Wish List is a great way to help those in need, and even has a number of advantages for you!

  • You know exactly where and how your dollars are being spent
  • You personalize your donation experience by choosing products you believe in
  • You stretch your donation dollars significantly through the wholesale pricing provided by Dollar Days
  • You get a real sense of the needs experienced by Catholic Charities’ clients – think about the household items that really make your life easier, and consider making that a gift to someone in need

For more information, contact Jennifer Lucarelli at or 330-744-8451.

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