Jessica recently came into Catholic Charities for the first time, seeking help for her family. She was in a place of transition with her health and income, as she was recovering from a recent back surgery and her husband had been incarcerated. Due to Jessica’s medical situation, she had been unable to work for a period of time, and her family was relying solely on the Ohio Works First (OWF) program through Job and Family Services. This only covered part of the family’s monthly expenses. Just before reaching out to Catholic Charities, Jessica had been cleared to return to work and had secured new employment; however, she hadn’t yet received her first paycheck and her OWF benefits were under review. Being in a state of transition, Jessica didn’t know whether to use the little money she had for gas to get to her new job or to purchase diapers for her two-year old daughter.

It was at this time that Jessica was referred to Catholic Charities’ First Step for Families program by a friend. After reaching out, Jessica was able to receive the diapers she so desperately needed for her daughter so that she could focus on getting to work and supporting her family. She appreciated having Catholic Charities’ support and resources during this transitional time for her family.

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