“The Millers” first called Catholic Charities a little over 6 months ago.  The husband and wife had just received emergency custody of 5 nephews and nieces, ranging in age from newborn to teens.  The couple’s own children had been out of the house for quite some time.  Mr. Miller worked full-time and Mrs. Miller tended to a small family business they operated out of their home.  Unaware they would be adding 5 new bellies to feed; the couple suddenly found they were unable to meet all of the children’s needs.  One week after the placement, they called their local Catholic Charities for help.

During the first visit, our case manager reviewed parenting and child development information with the couple.  Our agency was able to provide the family with diapers, formula, shoes and clothing for the young children through our First Step Program.  We were able to provide them with utility assistance through our Warm Hearts for Warm Hands Program (formerly known as Keep the Kids Warm) and a Care Kit filled with cleaning supplies, hygiene products, sheet sets, pajamas and gift cards for gas and groceries.  The family had never received services from our agency before and were very grateful for everything we were able to offer them.

Since the first visit, the family has continued to utilize our First Step and Warm Hearts for Warm Homes programs and food pantry when needed.  They’ve adjusted very well to having a full house.  They are very happy to be able to provide children a safe and loving home.


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