Summer Hunger in Ohio

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Summer Hunger in Ohio

Summer hunger in Ohio affects 52% of the children in our diocese. In the United States, there are 41 million people who struggle with hunger including 14 million children suffering from hunger and food insecurity. We continue to serve our neighbors in need during these difficult times providing food, food vouchers and other material goods to help families and children trapped in the cycle of poverty and hunger. The stress that many families face increases during the summer when children do not have access to daily breakfast and lunch at school. 


Summer Hunger in OhioSummer Hunger in OhioSummer Hunger in Ohio

Change Begins With Each of Us

Addressing food insecurity necessitates a compassionate and altruistic approach. During these challenging times, numerous individuals encounter various obstacles and hardships. Let us unite our endeavors to inspire empathy and compassion within people’s hearts, urging them to acknowledge those who require assistance and join the battle against hunger and discrimination. May we ignite a profound desire within them to uplift the lives of the less fortunate and strive towards achieving equal access to food security.

You Can Help Make A Difference

What can you do to join with Catholic Charities in fighting hunger?

  • PRAY for families in your community, in our country and in our world who suffer from food insecurity and hunger on a daily basis.
  • DONATE to Catholic Charities.  Make a donation online at, or mail a check to “Catholic Charities,” 144 West Wood Street, Youngstown, OH  44503.
  • DONATE “ready to eat” foods (Ex.: tuna & crackers, soup with a pull top lid, jerky, nuts, peanut butter, peanut butter or cheese crackers, apple sauce, granola, juice boxes) to your local agency

Let’s work together to #EndWorldHunger.

Educate yourself and others about more ways to get involved by visiting

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