Shamrocks for Socks!

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I recently took a phone call from a colleague at our local Catholic Charities office. She posed a question to me that I hadn’t heard before, and that one question triggered a broader conversation.

Her question was this… “Why aren’t there any socks on our Amazon Wish list, and can we add them?”

In that moment, I didn’t have a reason as to why we didn’t already have this important basic necessity on our list. I also didn’t understand quite how much of a demand there was for socks in our Diocese.

Over the course of the conversation, I learned a lot more than I expected! Socks are currently one of the most requested items among the homeless population and those living in poverty. Many people walk several miles each day and spend considerable time on their feet which causes their socks to wear out very quickly. For those already living without means, they don’t have the ability to buy new socks. Sometimes they don’t even have the money to go to a laundromat to wash their clothing.

Although it is one of the most needed items, socks are also the item that is least donated, with underwear coming in just behind.

One of the most prevalent reasons for this is because socks and underwear donations cannot be used, and must be new. People often donate a gently used jacket, coat, pair of jeans or shoes. But nobody wants to wear hand-me-down socks or underwear. Most shelters cannot accept these used items due to the associated health and hygiene risks.

A pair of good socks can provide warmth, comfort, and a sense of dignity to our clients. For many, especially homeless individuals, they may rarely take off their socks. Donating a brand new pair or package is an immeasurable way to offer dignity and compassion to those in need.

Our community has always been very generous with donations of hats, gloves, coats, and especially food and pantry items. But why not socks?

Well, because we haven’t yet asked! Today, we are.

Please consider making a donation to Catholic Charities’ “SHAMROCKS FOR SOCKS” collection during the month of March.

For every pair or package of socks donated (or cash donation received for the purchase of socks) we will add your name and county to a Shamrock in our “Field of Green” Display, and share our progress on social media as it grows!

There are several ways to donate to Shamrocks for Socks.

• Make a cash donation now.

• Shop on our custom Amazon Wish list, and have your donation delivered directly to us.

• Shop for socks and drop them off at a Catholic Charities location near you! Locations can be found on our website at


Thank you for supporting Shamrocks for Socks!

May your feet always be as warm as your heart.


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