Season of Giving

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Each year, from November 1 through December 31, Catholic Charities hosts our annual “Season of Giving.”  It is during this time of Thanksgiving and Christmas blessings that so many of our loyal friends are inspired to get involved and give back to the community.  We offer a variety of ways that you too can get involved in this season of giving back to those who need us most.

  • Please PRAY for all those in need in our community, in our Diocese, and in our country.
  • VOLUNTEER your time & talents to various projects and events throughout the year.
    • To learn more and get involved, contact the location nearest you.
  • To GIVE a gift today, click on the image to the right.
    • Your gift today will directly benefit families in your community who are in need.
  • Read our Semi-Annual Newsletter (mid-November) to see what’s happening at Catholic Charities.
  • Open your EMAIL!  We send various email updates about news & events throughout the year.
  • Send a gift that gives back this Christmas through our Christmas Gifting Program.
    • Deadline: 12/21/2022
    • You make a gift, we send a customized greeting card.
    • It’s that easy!
  • Make a gift directly to your local Catholic Charities Agency.
    • These funds will go back to the county where you live.
    • These funds may help your family, friends or neighbors in need throughout the cold winter season and all year long.


Thank you so much for your support not only during our Season of Giving, but throughout the entire year!


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