Go Make a Difference in the World

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Blessed Sacrament Church held Vacation Bible School last week. Their Director of Religious Education, Darla Plant, shared with us a story from their VBS offertory project.

Our theme was Peacemakers and one way to practice peace was to help others in need.  So each day we talked about helping by digging in our piggy banks or earning some money to help the women and children in need (Catholic Charities’ First Step for Change program).  Each day the offering got larger than the day before.  By Friday we had collected $398.48.

 We had a parent program at the end of the last day and we told the children and families that we found another $1.52 to make an even $400.00.  Then a parent walked up and donated another $10.00 so we ended with $410.00.

 We finished up with one more song: “Go make a difference in the world” and the kids went to their parents.  At that time a parent asked me who to write the check to, so I said Blessed Sacrament Church and when she gave me the check it was for $410.00.  I looked up and said this is for $410.00?  She said “I want to match the kids’ donations”!  Then 3 more parents came up to me and gave me 20 dollar bills.  So then we were up to $880.00.  When the total was told to the VBS volunteers, someone else said that their family would donate $120.00 to make it an even $1000.00.

 God is good and so are people when filled with the Holy Spirit!!

 Thank you to the Vacation Bible School students at Blessed Sacrament Church, the parents and Darla for sharing this beautiful story.  God Bless all of you!

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