Change and Faith

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I’ve settled on that as an appropriate theme for this short reflection.  Some change is easy and pleasant—like the greening and warmth of spring.  Other change is difficult and challenging–we’ve certainly had our share of that type lately.

At Catholic Charities, we’ve had to accommodate much change over the past year.  We have had to adopt service delivery models that minimize personal exposure while doing our best not to lose the personal touch.  We’ve had to rely, as most of you have, more heavily on electronic means of communication.  And we have had to accept that there are many things we cannot control.  In times like these, it’s a good idea to practice “letting go and letting God.”  Easier said than done for me, and I suspect, for many of you.  But, to use a couple of other old phrases, “practice makes perfect” and “with God, all things are possible.”

One last personal note consistent with my theme–by the time the leaves begin to change, I will be spending my last days as Executive Director of Catholic Charities Serving Portage and Stark Counites.  I’ve been reluctant to use the word retire, so let’s just say I’m initiating a life change!  I have been blessed in having had the opportunity to serve in my current capacity for 8 years (and at Catholic Charities, more generally, for 22 years).  I trust that God still has some use for me, but hopefully, a bit more leisure will be part of that plan!

Thanks, and may God richly bless each of you.

-George Garchar, Executive Director, Catholic Charities Serving Portage and Stark Counties

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