Poverty Awareness

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January is Poverty Awareness Month

During Poverty Awareness Month, join Catholic Charities, the Catholic Church and the Catholic community in the United States in taking up Pope Francis’ challenge to live in solidarity with the poor.

More than 1.5 million children experience homelessness in a year and more than 38 million Americans live in poverty.

Poverty is a feeling of hopelessness.  It means getting assistance with clothing, food, shelter and other basic needs.  These urgent needs for shelter, heat, food and clothing continue to rise year after year within our diocese.

Catholic Charities provides assistance to individuals and families along with advocacy efforts to help put end poverty.

What can you do to help end poverty?

  • Learn more about issues that impact the human family
  • Share something that you have learned with a friend or relative
  • Find out how your parish engages in social ministry
  • Support the Bishop’s Appeal which helps Catholic Charities carry out the Corporal Works of Mercy
  • Pray that we respond compassionately to those we encounter who need our assistance
  • Call Catholic Charities at 330-744-8451 for additional resources and information.

Additional information and resources are available on the USCCB website.



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