The Story of “JOY”

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The Season of “JOY”

Joy’s family had really been put through the ringer this past year with job loss, financial and family instability.  Joy felt like it would be another rough holiday season.  In preparation for the holidays, she had purchased a few small gifts for her children (ages 5 and 2) but the money she used was taken from her food budget.  Joy was not sure how she would eat for the rest of the month or provide any sort of Christmas meal for her family at all.  She contacted her local Catholic Charities agency.  A case worker was able to provide an abundance of food, some hygiene items and a few gifts for the children.  Catholic Charities received a letter from Joy a few weeks later.  It said, “You gave us such a wonderful Christmas and I just had to say thank you.  Thank you for giving us hope and a stress free holiday.  We hope that one day we can repay your generosity. ”

During the upcoming season of Advent, let us joyfully anticipate Jesus’ holy birth by sharing our blessings with those searching for peace and comfort in the midst of trying times.

Consider making a gift during this “Season of Giving” to help alleviate stress from the holiday and allow us to focus on the true reason for the season, Jesus Christ.


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