Beth’s Story….

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Beth’s Story

A young mother of two children under the age of 6, was in danger of having her gas turned off due to her inability to pay a past due amount.  “Beth’s” hours were drastically reduced at her job during the pandemic and she was out of money.  Beth was deciding between groceries and utility bills.  She called the Catholic Charities agency because she had no way to pay her gas bill. The Catholic Charities case worker utilized money from the Warm Hearts for Warm Homes campaign and took care of the past due bill amount.  When the case worker contacted Beth to assure her that we had taken care of her gas bill, Beth expressed how relieved she was and shared that her apartment was a chilly sixty degrees (she turned the heat down as a way to save money).  The Catholic Charities case worker shared information with Beth about other programs that would be able to help keep her utilities on in the upcoming months.  Beth called the next day and informed the case worker she was looking for additional work to make up her hours and was so thankful to Catholic Charities as Beth and her children were now sitting in a warm apartment (70 degrees).


For more information on the WARM HEARTS FOR WARM HOMES campaign, CLICK HERE.  To support this campaign and to help “Beth” and families like hers, CLICK HERE.

Thank you and God Bless.

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