Alexis’ Story

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Homeless, pregnant, and alone, Alexis was living out of her car.  She knew about the health and safety risks associated with COVID-19, so she followed the “stay at home” order issued by the Governor from the front seat of her car.  With no room to recline or get comfortable her compact car, Alexis reached out to Catholic Charities for help.

Using special funding to assist homeless individuals during the pandemic, Catholic Charities was able to get Alexis a room at a local motel.  When the time came for Alexis to deliver her baby, the motel’s manager offered to watch her car and belongings while she was in the hospital.  This kind gesture provided Alexis with peace of mind, knowing that all of her belongings—which were packed into the car—would be safe.

Catholic Charities is currently working with Alexis on securing housing and other opportunities that can provide her and her new daughter a brighter future.

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