Service in times of Crisis

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Catholic Charities continues to serve our neighbors in need during this difficult time.    Our dedicated staff has been on the “front lines,” providing food, specialized infant formula, diapers, prescription assistance and other material goods to help families trapped in the cycle of poverty, as well as those who have recently fallen on hard times due to Covid-19.

Here are a few examples of HOW we are helping:

  • Alexis was pregnant, and living in her car when COVID-19 struck the Valley. Catholic Charities was able to find a temporary residence at a local motel and is working to find permanent housing for Alexis and her beautiful newborn baby girl.
  • A husband and wife with 4 children lost all income due to layoffs during COVID-19. The parents both qualified for unemployment, but as many have experienced, these state funds were quite delayed. Catholic Charities helped this family avoid eviction and put food on the table, as well as supply essential items for their youngest through our First Step Program. Eventually, the couple began to receive their unemployment income, and hope to return to work soon. They no longer require assistance from Catholic Charities, but are so grateful that we were there in their time of need.
  • Jeff is a single dad. When the schools closed, and daycare closed, Jeff was forced to leave his job to stay home with his kids until some other arrangements could be made. Usually Jeff’s mom was available to help out, but due to COVID-19, she was self-isolating at home and could not care for the children. Catholic Charities was able to help Jeff with rent so he could avoid eviction, until he was able to return to work.

Please pray for all of those who are served by Catholic Charities, as well as those who serve others in the name of the Church.

If you are interested in making a financial contribution to help those in urgent need, please click here.

May God bless you and your family with peace and safety in the days ahead!

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