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Grant funding is available to organizations who reach out to improve lives, overcome injustices and/or erase poverty. If your organizations’ concern lies with the needs of those who are poor and vulnerable, one of our grant opportunities may be able to help you.

Our community grants are made possible by generous donations to our Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD).  CCHD was established with two goals in mind:  to raise money to support self-help projects that address the cause of poverty; and to educate the Catholic community and the general public about poverty, its causes, effects and the rationale for the Church’s involvement in working for justice.   CCHD funded programs enable people of all races, creeds, geographic regions and backgrounds to work together for long-range solutions to poverty.

For the Community Grant Application, click here.

Our CRS Rice Bowl funds are 25% of the overall annual Rice Bowl collection and are used to support local programs and initiatives that support hunger and poverty programs.  If you are interested in the CRS Rice Bowl local funds, click here.

 For more information, contact Nikole Baringer at 330-744-8451, ext. 323 or nbaringer@youngstowndiocese.org.


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