What does Adult Day Services mean to me?

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From ADS Participant:  LYN STOVAl

So many things come to mind when I think about the Adult Day Center.

It truly is my “safe haven” when I’m away from home.

Everyone is so wonderful; from the participants I meet, to the staff that are here to help us.

I attend on Tuesday and Thursday; devotions start my day off right.  The scripture readings are “good for the soul”.

When someone is down, we are here to lift each other up. If I am hurting, the nurse is here to provide comfort to me.

When we take part in our afternoon meal, we say Grace; it is so special. We can all be thankful for the day that is here to enjoy…I really like the food too!

There are a variety of things to do. We can all make a choice to take part in the activities offered.

I can’t say enough…whatever I need for my personal well-being, I can receive here at the Adult Day Center.

For more information about Adult Day Services in Louisville, please call 330-875-7979 or visit us here.

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