Changing Lives…One Family at a Time

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A woman came to Catholic Charities for the first time asking for food assistance. She had found us on the internet while looking for resources to stretch her budget after reviewing her large family’s pending expenses.

“Lisa” and her husband live on a farm with their eight children and try to be as self-sustaining as possible. They grow their own garden, raise turkeys, can and freeze food and even make their own bath soap. Her husband’s job in conjunction with their frugal lifestyle, was normally enough to provide for their family. However, Lisa’s husband had a serious injury causing him to be off work for three months. They also were hit with the expense of replacing a septic and well system at their home, both very high-dollar items. This combination had put them into a tight financial situation.
In addition to food, we were able to provide items from Harriet’s Cupboard, including laundry detergent, shampoo and toilet paper.

Lisa was very grateful for the help of Catholic Charities.

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