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“Kim” and her husband “Alex” came home one evening and were served an eviction notice.  They had been out job searching as they had both suffered job loss several months prior.  They had depleted their limited savings while trying to find work.  They felt very hopeless and Kim began crying as she held the eviction notice in her hand.


They next morning, they reached out to their local Catholic Charities agency for help.  Their case worker at Catholic Charities was able to avoid their pending eviction by assisting with their past due rent.  That afternoon, Alex was offered full-time employment at a local warehouse.  They were grateful for Catholic Charities’ assistance as they knew a paycheck wouldn’t be in sight for at least a few weeks.


Kim was also linked to Catholic Charities’ First Step for Families program where she received emergency material assistance with diapers and formula for their 8-month old daughter, to help them meet their families’ basic needs while awaiting their first paycheck.


Kim and Alex met again with their Catholic Charities’ case worker to help create a budget based on their new income and developed a game-plan for getting a handle on their other bills to avoid future problems.


Catholic Charities is able to help families like “Kim” and “Alex” with support from the Annual Bishop’s Appeal and United Way funding.  Thank YOU for for supporting Catholic Charities through the Annual Bishop’s Appeal and in so many other ways.

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