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As Easter quickly approaches, I turn to my time spent in prayer and reflection throughout Lent.  One word that resonates with me is forgiveness.  Forgiveness is the door through which healing peace enters our world.   I know I must forgive myself and others to truly experience Easter Joy and Peace.  I pray with God (almost) daily to help me with this task.  In my mind, I forgive…but it is my heart that must feel.  It is not easy, I do not think God expects it to be.  With His help, I know I am able to forgive so that I am able to spread joy and peace, not just at Easter but throughout the year.  Easter blessings are wished on all of you.  May you find forgiveness this Easter so that you are able to fully experience the joy and peace that God has for us.


Written by:  Nikole Baringer, Grants and Projects Coordinator for Catholic Charities, Diocese of Youngstown

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