Providing Help and Hope

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There is a saying among Catholic Charities organizations throughout the United States that goes like this:  “If you’ve seen one Catholic Charities agency, you’ve seen one Catholic Charities agency.”  This quip refers to the fact that Catholic Charities extends a variety of different services throughout the country to meet specific local needs.  While our collective missions may be related, the services we offer to meet those missions might vary from county to county;  and region to region.  Each Catholic Charities agency is unique in spite of the fact that our challenges to help an ever-increasing number of people, secure funding for our work, and raise awareness about who we are and who we help, are very similar.

The same can be said for the women, men, children, and families who come to Catholic Charities with their own histories and life situations.  Although all unique, our clients face many of the same challenges who are desperate to find a job with a livable wage, put food on the table for their children, and keep a roof over their heads.    The purpose of Catholic Charities is to provide help by meeting their immediate needs and to create hope that their crisis situation can change and that things can get better.

Out staff members go the extra mile to assure clients that while we provide material assistance such as food, diapers, formula, and clothing:  we also provide a sense of hope.  That hope provides ways for clients to sustain themselves through the rough days, and, eventually, elevate to a better place emotionally.

While stories are unique, help and hope are provided to stabilize situations and to create a sense of optimism.  The role of Catholic Charities is to walk with our clients and to make sure they are ready to confidently walk on their own to face whatever tomorrow might bring.


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