Beverly’s Story

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A Catholic Charities case worker, Taunya, was filled with joy when she was able to help a 71 year-old woman go from homelessness to a home of her own.


Taunya met “Beverly” at the local homeless shelter.  Bev had been living with her daughter, but her daughter had gotten into trouble.  Bev soon found herself living alone with no income.  When all of the utilities were shut off at her daughter’s house, Bev was forced to the live on the streets.


Speaking with Taunya, Bev felt hopeful for the first time in a long time.  Taunya helped Bev apply for increased Social Security benefits, Medicare and S.N.A.P. (food stamps). Catholic Charities provided food assistance and other services while Bev waited for her benefit applications to be approved.


In a few months, with the help of her benefits and with ongoing support from Catholic Charities, Bev was able to move into her own apartment.  She applied for a part-time job at a fast-food restaurant and was hired.


When Taunya checked in on Bev a month later, Bev was happy and thankful.  However, she had no furniture and was sleeping on the floor!  All of Bev’s belongings were still at her daughter’s house.  Taunya made arrangements to help Bev move her things into her new apartment.


After a rough time, Bev has settled into her new life in a home of her own.

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