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Catholic Charities is asking Catholic parishes and others of good will to support the 2019 Keep the Kids Warm collection.


Throughout the Diocese of Youngstown, thousands of people are struggling to keep their children and families warm during these harsh winter months.  Some families experience a set-back: an unexpected medical expense, vehicle repairs, or a missed day of work due to illness.  When this happens, there are not sufficient funds to pay for all of the regular utility expenses plus the cost of the unforeseen expense.  Additionally, there are families who have been homeless, and are now getting a place of their own to live.  These families often have past debts to pay before a utility company will turn service on in their name.


Using funds from Keep the Kids Warm, Catholic Charities is able to help children and families when needs arise.  This collection runs throughout the month of January, the month also known as Poverty Awareness Month.  Many of the clients Catholic Charities assist face the challenges of affording life’s basic necessities.


Despite the challenges poverty presents locally, Catholic Charities will be there to provide help, create hope and work with others to develop strategies that provide a “hand up” to those bearing poverty’s burden.


One way you can help is to support the Keep the Kids Warm collection.  Catholic Charities serves all qualifying individuals, regardless of their faith.  Community and parish participation in Keep the Kids Warm is appreciated, as the responsibility for eliminating human suffering and fighting poverty belongs to all of us.


Please pray that we all respond compassionately to those we encounter who need heat (utility assistance), food or other assistance.


If you would like to make a contribution to Keep the Kids Warm CLICK HERE or mail donation to: Catholic Charities, Keep the Kids Warm, P. O. Box 614, Youngstown, Ohio 44501.    For bulletin inserts, CLICK HERE.

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