Domestic Violence Awareness

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Love shouldn’t hurt, but it does.  Love shouldn’t include name calling, put downs, being hit, pushed, shoved, isolated, threatened, manipulated in any way….but it does.  And, when it happens, it hurts.  It hurts physically, emotionally and mentally.  It affects the victim as well as children, family members and friends surrounding that victim.  It truly is the cycle of abuse and you wonder if it will ever end.  The answer is, it can and it will.  There is help and there is hope.

Catholic Charities Regional Agency is able to offer assistance through Christina House, a domestic violence shelter located in Columbiana County.  Christina House provides crisis intervention, temporary shelter, a victim’s legal advocate,  case management and emotional support.

If you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship, please be there for them, listen to them, support them, help them get the tools they need to become a survivor.  Offer hope and be there.  Don’t be silent, end the violence.

God bless.

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