Preventing Homelessness

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“I can’t sleep due to crying with joyous tears rather than fearful ones.  Thank you!”


After 16 years on the job, Amy’s employer eliminated her position.  When she couldn’t find a new job right away, and her meager savings ran dry, Amy got scared and wasn’t sure where to turn.  After doing some research online, she called Catholic Charities and met with a caseworker.

The caseworker learned that Amy’s home was now in foreclosure, and that she was more than $2,000 behind on her mortgage payments.  Amy had previously applied for Save the Dream Ohio, an outreach initiative sponsored by the Ohio Housing Finance Agency that connects financially distressed homeowners  with HUD-approved housing counseling agencies to help families avoid foreclosure.

Unfortunately, Amy’s application had been denied.

The Catholic Charities caseworker contacted Save the Dream Ohio to try and convince them to take another look at Amy’s case.  Several phone calls, and two days later,  Amy’s application was re-opened.  A few weeks after that, her application was approved.

Working with Save the Dream Ohio, the Catholic Charities caseworker was able to help Amy obtain rescue payments to bring her mortgage current, as well as nine months of continuing assistance to help keep Amy from losing her home.


This is one example of how Catholic Charities is:

Changing Lives, One Family at a Time.



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