A Father’s Story

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My name is David.  Tuesday was not a good day.  I woke up to find workers from the water department outside turning off the water to my home.  When I got paid last Friday, I didn’t have enough money left to take care of the water bill.  Rent, food, gas for the car, and a medical bill tapped me out.  So there they were, in my front yard.  My daughter was watching through the front window.  I wonder what she must have been thinking.


I know what I was thinking:  I’m out of money!  What will we do without water?  How will my wife prepare our newborn son’s special formula?   What do I say at night when my four year-old princess wants a bubble bath?  How do I explain that the men shutting off our water are not being mean to us?  They are just doing their job.


I decided to call Catholic Charities.  A friend told me that sometimes they are able to help people in a crisis situation.  I met with a case worker that same week and explained what was going on.  She understood my situation, and was able to help me get the water turned back on.


Before I left Catholic Charities, I made another appointment with the case worker to work on making a budget.  I didn’t think I made enough money to even have a “budget,” but my case worker explained that anyone with an income—no matter how small—can make a budget.  I am anxious to meet with my case worker next week so that I can learn how to manage my money better and provide for my family.

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